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IT company Wytech sees lead increase through direct mail gift boxes

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Fully managed IT solutions company Wytech, based in Ashbourne, were looking for unique way to reach local businesses.

Business Development Manager Jon Cowley approached Colleague Box with the goal of reaching out to local companies and making a simple introduction.

Having spent the last 11 years working for one of the country’s largest media companies, Jon understood the importance of making a soft-approach introduction and wanted to combine this with a unique way to cut through the plethora of pitch-based speculative emails and LinkedIn messages many companies were currently receiving.

The Colleague Box team worked with Jon to create an inviting drink and snacking box containing a selection of locally sourced produce. This combined with the company’s ‘local business’ message formed the basis of Wytech’s direct mail campaign.

Snail mail is a great way to distinguish yourself from competitors. If properly done, a direct mail marketing campaign can help you build a strong connection with your target audience.

Jon commented “the response to the Colleague Boxes has been amazing, and we’ve seen three times as many leads generated as the last six months of PPC. When you compare the ROI of both tactics it’s an amazing result. Direct mail is really inexpensive compared with other lead generation techniques, it’s also much easier to track and provide demonstrable ROI”

We saw three times as many leads compared to six months of PPC

Jon added "Time and money are two of the most valuable resources and direct mail doesn’t require much of either. Colleague Box took care of everything from the box creation, sourcing, packing, presentation, printing, and shipping. If we’d tried to do this in house it would have taken us much longer and probably cost us a lot more.”

Wytech’s gift boxes were also personalised with their company branding and campaign message in much the same way direct mail usual is, however rather than taking a traditional printing company route to outsourcing, Wytech were able to benefit from Colleague Box’s combination of gift resourcing and presentation along with professional printing and branding.

Jon commented “As well as generating quality leads and connections we were also invited to join a local community meeting as well as a local business networking group. Adding “The speed and communication from the Colleague Box team was great, they came back quickly with concepts and worked to ensure all boxes were despatched in line with our comms plan”

The Wytech gift box contained sweet baked treats from Derby based bakery Levain, Business as Usual ale from Ashbourne based brewery Derbyshire Brewing Company, along with Lincoln Tea and Coffee Bags, and Yorkshire Tea.

About Colleague Box

Designed to deliver happiness Colleague Box offer unique company gifting collections, fully branded with your company logo and personalised message, with boxes despatched directly to home or work.

Organisations can choose from hundreds of pre-designed gift ideas, or curate their own to suit any occasion, from welcoming new starters, awards evenings, company meetings, or a simple thank you!

About Wytech

At Wytech we are passionate about simplifying IT, empowering you and your team to make well-informed decisions.

We provide honest, plain-English advice and have a friendly engineering team, dedicated to the success of your business.

To find out more, visit

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