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Birthday Club for Employees

Automated gifting for your employees
special day.


How It Works

Our Corporate Birthday Club is a simple and easy way to send your employees a thoughtful and personalised gift on their birthday. 

Our automated service saves you time, money, hassles and ensures your colleagues special day is never forgotten or left until last minute. 

Select your box

You can either choose from our gift collection, or alternatively provide a budget per box and we'd be happy to create a package to suit you. We can even tailor different tiers of boxes for different personnel within your organisation. 

Add branding or design

Boxes can be branded to your company logo, or a specific occasion. We have a wide range of pre-designed outers and inserts to suit any special occasion. 

Send your data monthly

We'll provide you with a template to add your monthly names, dates, occasions and any other details such as dietary requirements and personalised message. 

We'll take care of everything 
Enquire today

Thank you for your enquiry. We'll be in touch shortly.

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