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Case Study: WARD - Celebrating Excellence and Holiday Cheer with Thoughtful Gestures

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Part of the WARD bespoke festive hamper contents

WARD, a distinguished name in the recycling and waste management industry, is dedicated to recognising and appreciating the dedication of it's diligent workforce. This case study encapsulates two significant initiatives undertaken by WARD in partnership with Colleague Box - celebrating their Queen’s Award for Excellence in International Trade in 2022 and spreading holiday cheer with bespoke Christmas hampers.

These thoughtful gestures reflect WARD's commitment to appreciation, recognition, and unity among their colleagues.

Challenge 1: Celebrating the Queen's Award in Style: In 2022, WARD achieved an impressive milestone by receiving the Queen's Award for Excellence in International Trade. The challenge was to celebrate this prestigious recognition in a unique and memorable manner.

Challenge 2: Sharing Festive Joy and Appreciation: The festive season is a special time to express gratitude and share joy with the workforce. WARD sought a thoughtful way to celebrate the season and extend appreciation to their team.

A look inside one of the bespoke Queen's Award gift box

Solution 1: Personalised 'Thank You Boxes' for the Queen's Award: To mark their achievement of the Queen’s Award for Excellence in International Trade, WARD, in collaboration with Colleague Box, designed 400 bespoke 'thank you boxes.' Each box symbolised recognition and gratitude, featuring:

  • Royal Red, White, and Blue Color Theme: Signifying the prestigious Queen's Award and creating a celebratory atmosphere.

  • Letter of Thanks from Board Members: A heartfelt letter of appreciation from WARD's board members.

  • Queen's Award Pin Badge: An emblem of pride and accomplishment for the recipients.

  • Queen's Award Pen: A practical yet meaningful gift to accompany the letter.

  • Sweet Treats: A selection of sweet delights to add a touch of indulgence and enjoyment to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend.

The boxes were also branded and personalised.

Donald Ward, Operations Director at WARD, said:

“We’re very proud of the team’s efforts in helping us to achieve our recent accolade of the Queen’s Award for Excellence in International Trade. We wanted to thank them for their commitment and dedication to working at WARD.

We felt that a special delivery over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations would be the perfect gesture and were keen to work with Colleague Box to support a local business in their new venture. They did a fantastic job!”
Part of the fulfilment line for the Christmas Hampers

Solution 2: Spreading Holiday Cheer with Bespoke Christmas Hampers: In celebration of the festive season, WARD and Colleague Box created 400 bespoke Christmas hampers. These hampers were carefully curated with delightful contents that added a touch of luxury to the season:

  • Premium Cheese Selection, Artisan Biscuits for Cheese, Jar of Festive Chutney: Perfect for festive gatherings and enjoyment.

  • Sharing Size Bag of Crisps: A popular holiday snack for all to relish.

  • Full-Sized Bottle of Prosecco, Beer Selection: To raise a toast and celebrate with elegance and variety.

  • Sharing Chocolates: A sweet indulgence to add warmth and comfort to the holiday season.

Personal Delivery and Expressing Gratitude: In both initiatives, what made the gestures even more meaningful was that the WARD Board personally delivered the 'thank you boxes' for the Queen's Award and the Christmas hampers. This personal touch emphasised their deep appreciation and recognition of their team members' hard work and dedication.

Colleague Box personally delivered the hampers to WARD HQ to be handed out to hardworking #TeamWARD

Impact: A Unified and Appreciated Workforce: WARD thoughtful gestures creƒated a profound impact. The Queen's Award 'thank you boxes' and the bespoke Christmas hampers not only celebrated achievements and the holiday season but also served as expressions of appreciation, recognition, and gratitude for their dedicated team members.

By personally delivering these tokens of appreciation, WARD fostered a strong sense of unity and belonging among their workforce. The gestures exemplified the company's values, highlighting the importance they place on their employees' contributions.

Colleague Box Co-Founder Natalie Bamford inside The Smile Factory Warehouse

Conclusion: Celebrating Excellence and Sharing Joy: WARD'S collaboration with Colleague Box for both the Queen's Award 'thank you boxes' and the bespoke Christmas hampers is a heartwarming example of acknowledging and celebrating achievements and the festive season. The gestures represent not just awards and festivities but also the company's deep appreciation and recognition of their employees' commitment and hard work.

WARD's dedication to fostering strong bonds and expressing gratitude is an inspiration for organisations seeking to create a culture of appreciation and recognition. Colleague Box is proud to have played a role in these remarkable celebrations, showcasing WARD's commitment to creating a thriving and inclusive work culture, where recognition and appreciation are at the forefront of their values.

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WARD's initiatives demonstrate how a company can celebrate excellence and extend appreciation during the holiday season, building strong and lasting bonds with its colleagues.

Adam Bamford inside The Smile Factory Warehouse

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