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Case Study: Moy Park - Streamlining Employee Gifting for a Valued Workforce

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Moy Park, Pilgrims Shared Services, and Pilgrim Foods, operate within the wider food sector and are part of the wider Pilgrims's business in Europe & globally. This brings about significant benefits, but also challenges, especially in the context of employee gifting.

To simplify the process and make it more efficient, Colleague Box stepped in, creating a custom-designed website for ordering gifts.

This case study highlights how this innovative solution improved the gifting process for these businesses enhancing the well-being and engagement of their combined workforce of over 15,000.

Challenge: Managing Employee Gifting Across Multiple Businesses: Operating as independent businesses, it became evident that each company operated with different cost codes. This diversity made ordering gifts for individual departments a complex and time-consuming task. The challenge was to streamline the process, making it easy for department heads to purchase gifts with personalised messages and attach the correct department cost codes.

Solution: A Custom-Designed Website for Effortless Gifting: Colleague Box recognised the need to simplify the employee gifting process. To address this challenge, a custom-designed website was created. This user-friendly platform provided department heads with a streamlined and efficient way to select, purchase, and distribute gifts to their teams.

Key Features of the Custom Website:

  1. Personalised Messages: The platform allows department heads to include personalised messages inside the gifts, adding a thoughtful touch to each one.

  2. Cost Code Integration: At the checkout, department heads can add their department's specific cost code. This integration streamlines the accounting process, making it more manageable for the company and easier for managers to place orders.

Efficient Order Processing and Delivery: Upon receiving orders through the custom website, Colleague Box ensures that gifts are dispatched within 24-48 hours. The gifts are delivered to individual home addresses or workplaces, ensuring a seamless and timely delivery process.

Results: Delivering Happiness More Frequently: The implementation of the custom-designed website has resulted in several positive outcomes for Moy Park, Pilgrims Shared Services, and Pilgrim's Food Masters:

  1. Streamlined Gifting Process: Department heads can now efficiently order gifts, customise messages, and integrate cost codes, making the process hassle-free and time-effective.

  2. Accounting Simplification: The integrated cost codes have significantly eased the accounting side of things, ensuring accurate financial tracking and reporting.

  3. Enhanced Employee Engagement: The ability to send personalised gifts with messages has boosted employee engagement and morale.

  4. Frequent Happiness Delivery: With efficient order processing and delivery, the three companies can deliver happiness to their hardworking workforce more frequently, ensuring a motivated and satisfied team.

Conclusion: Empowering Employee Gifting with Technology: The collaboration between Colleague Box and Moy Park, Pilgrims Shared Services, and Pilgrim's Food Masters exemplifies how innovative technology can simplify and enhance employee gifting.

The custom-designed website not only streamlines the ordering process but also brings a personal touch to gifts, fostering stronger employee engagement.

This case study demonstrates the power of embracing technology to overcome challenges and create a more unified and efficient workplace. Colleague Box is proud to have played a part in facilitating the gifting process and delivering happiness to the workforce of Moy Park, Pilgrims Shared Services, and Pilgrim's Food Masters.

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These three businesses have effectively harnessed technology to empower their workforce, making the gifting process efficient and engaging, and enhancing the well-being of their employees.

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