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Employee Gifting Ideas - Employers Playbook

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Your business is only as good as your employees. If you want the best team, you have to be the best for your team. Creating an employee engagement programme makes it easier for people to invest in your company. Corporate gifting can help you to attract, retain, and celebrate the best talent. Helping you to demonstrate how much you care about your employees' professional and personal well-being.

This playbook will help strengthen your employee gifting game, from interviews to milestones.

1. Attract Top Talent!

The continued rise in work-from-anywhere positions means competition on both employer and employee sides is at an all-time high.

Consider how your business stands out from the crowd. How do you show candidates just how committed you are to your employees and how are you demonstrating your company culture and values?

Play 1

Raise your employee influencer game!

Prospective employees will no doubt have done their research on your company. In a world of reviews and ratings, people want to feel reassured the organisation they are considering demonstrates an investment in their culture and people. So, whilst your ‘benefits package’ may seem attractive on paper, seeing first-hand what current employees have to say is gold dust!

Fortunately, we live in a world of self-promotion. Professional Instagram-able moments, or LinkedIn-able [if we can class that as a word!], feature new starter desks adorned with welcome packs or remote workers receiving surprise packages. Milestones are celebrated across workplaces, with mediocre supermarket traybake cakes replaced with personalised gifting packages tailored to commemorate achievements.

Play 2

Raise your candidate communications

With any rise in competition amongst job vacancies, prospective employees are probably courting multiple interview offers. It can be disappointing to read a stellar CV only to have an interview declined or, worse, a no-show. Add a flurry of Glassdoor posts from prospective employees who interviewed and received poor, if any, feedback.

Historically the hiring process has been viewed as an employer-dominant process - ‘Tell us why we should hire you’ and ‘if you don’t hear from us, assume you didn’t make it’. Whilst this shortcoming may seem insignificant to your goal, it can have a widespread effect on your brand and values.

We're not suggesting you send gifts to every applicant you receive; however, if you’re considering a refresh of your hiring process and a communication uplift across the board, then gifting can undoubtedly play a part if you're looking to attract an in-demand high-profile hire.

Online research might reveal they love the great outdoors or have a cute pet. Consider sending a personalised gift, such as a granola bar for their trekking backpack, or let them know all pets are welcome on Zoom calls!

2. Boost engagement

When your employees are engaged, your business is likely to be more profitable. Celebrating and rewarding hard work and efforts is a powerful way to engage and motivate employees. Non-financial rewards are a great way to increase employee satisfaction.

Gifting can express care for your employees and acknowledge them as individuals separate from their professional capabilities. Using corporate gifting for appreciation and recognition creates a memorable feel-good factor.

Play 3

Celebrate achievements

Perhaps a team has pulled together to achieve a vast project, or someone has given their support to help another succeed with a difficult task.

Recognising skills and abilities doesn’t always have to come in the form of promotions, and it’s often the unexpected and thoughtful displays of thanks which are the most memorable.

Consider gifting department desk plants to brighten their office and speak to their health and well-being. Think about gifting a well-being box to an employee that pulled long hours to hit a client deadline, complete with links and downloads to mindfulness podcasts and resources.

Play 4

Make connections

Gifting can be a fun and spontaneous way to bring colleagues together, whether celebrating a team effort or achievements or a simple social to foster your culture of togetherness. Consider a delivery of freshly baked doughnuts or goodies to the office with a personalised note. How about a planned activity such as an online cook-along celebrating national pizza day [Feb 9th].

Perhaps you're celebrating a company milestone. Why not elevate your town hall or all-hands meeting and combine it with an on-site gifting experience such as pizza and Prosecco? Maybe you're raising a glass to your recent re-brand, so why not consider combining branded water bottles with a selection of goodies? It's the perfect win-win to promote your exciting news.

3. Retain employees

Reward programmes not only incentivise employees to work harder, but they're also linked to reducing employee turnover. Companies that implement employee recognition programs enjoy a 31% reduction in voluntary turnover.

Employee retention also reduces recruitment costs whilst boosting operational excellence. Long-term employees are more likely to grow and develop, in turn helping you to keep a high level of operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Play 5

Show them you care

The best way to get employees to care about your company and their work is to demonstrate that their company cares about them.

Consider not just celebrating company milestones but also personal ones such as birthdays, weddings, new homes, new babies or furbabies! Personal milestones represent an excellent opportunity to show how much you support your employees’ personal goals.

Why not send a personalised gift and message to show them how much they matter?

Play 6

Connect with remote workers

If your company has remote or hybrid employees, then it's a good idea to think of additional ways you can support them. Remote employees can often face additional challenges, such as feelings of isolation, less access to facilities, or fewer reasons to get up from their desks and stretch their legs. It can often be harder for colleagues and managers to see physical signs of burnout. Fewer opportunities for conversation may make it harder for remote workers to talk about their mental health. Without those 'water cooler' moments, topics which would naturally arise are not always discussed.

Consider gifting home office kits with items to make their working day more comfortable or a well-being gift to encourage mindfulness or a walk outside. Not only will the contents provide great value, but the personalisation and outreach will show employees they are still in your thoughts and fosters the feeling of togetherness.

4. Foster a culture of appreciation

We've all seen companies being named the best places to work. Winning factors include a great work environment in terms of collaboration and benefits.

Implementing a culture of reward and recognition can foster a more collaborative workforce and a more enjoyable working environment. 50% of employees believe that thanks and encouragement from their managers improve their relationships.

Rewarding your employees with gifts that are personal to their recognition increases your organisation's visibility and positive perception of your company.

Your company culture is a significant part of your brand identity. It also has a direct effect on your operations. Your company culture is a crucial driver in fulfilling your mission statement and the promise you’ve made to your customers.

Play 7

Reward achievements

Employee rewards aren't just for human resources. Every department and manager should take the opportunity to reward and recognise employees, whether that's an anniversary, a promotion, or achieving a team target.

Consider sending out celebratory fizz and gourmet chocolates to toast a special moment. Or perhaps a wellness box to enjoy an evening of relaxation and zen after a busy sales quarter.

Play 8

Do more together

Teams that play together always work well together. For many remote workers, there may be team members they've never actually met or even conversed with, which could create professional challenges when asking for help on projects or collaboration. Why not think about ways to enjoy time together that overcome geographical boundaries? Virtual activities are a great way to bring hybrid teams together. Consider a pub quiz featuring guest ales to review or a cocktail-making kit with prizes for the best presentation. Alcohol isn't the only answer; however, there's no bonding like a beer with friends.

5. Stand out from the competition

Your business is more likely to attract new talent if they see your gifting programme first-hand from other employees. Many would likely prefer to work for a company which demonstrates a culture worth shouting about.

People care more about a sense of meaning and belonging, and the desire for people's investment is often higher than financial rewards.

Most companies imagine customers as their brand ambassadors; however, your employees are one of the most credible sources to promote your company goals and values. Whilst it's rare to find employees promoting their company's mission, this doesn't mean they don't believe in their company. Most people enjoy sharing their success and benefits, and many find self-promotion comes naturally.

Play 9

Seasonal cheer

Holidays and national days mark one of the best opportunities to show your appreciation. December breaks don’t always have to be about Christmas, and it’s essential to think beyond Christian festivities. However, the end of the year is for many a time to enjoy rest and to be with friends and family, so why not consider gifts which promote sharing and spending quality time together? Consider a movie night box of treats to enjoy with a film or perhaps a craft kit to promote creative endeavours during the holiday.

Play 10

On-site gifting

Gifting doesn't always have to be a 1-2-1 experience, often the thrill and excitement of a reward can come from a 'pick and mix' moment. Consider on-site gifting options at your workplace. This can be tied to a more significant event or a standalone experience. Custom gifting trailers are not only a great way to provide employees with the gift of choice, but they also generate an air of excitement and team spirit, one which is sure to hit social media and into the feeds of your competitors!


About Colleague Box

Designed to deliver happiness, Colleague Box provides gifting solutions, helping organisations connect with employees, customers, or prospective clients. Gifts are fully branded with your company logo and personalised message, with boxes despatched directly to home or work.

Organisations can choose pre-designed gift ideas or curate their own to suit any occasion, from welcoming new starters to awards evenings, direct mail campaigns, or a simple thank you.

Custom gift portals and address upload templates make multiple recipients a seamless process, whether you’re sending 10 or 10,000 boxes.

Get in touch to discuss your gifting requirements or arrange a visit to our showroom for a brew and some tasty samples!

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