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How We Can Support International Stress Awareness in the Workplace Together

At Colleague Box, we take immense pride in not just being your gifting company but a curator of happiness and wellbeing. As International Stress Awareness Week approaches on 30th October - 3rd November, we wanted to delve into the ways in which workplaces can foster a workplace culture of support and alleviate the stress that often plagues our professional lives.

After all, a happy and stress-free employee is the key to a thriving, productive workplace.

In the modern world, stress is a common companion for many of us. Work-related stress, in particular, can take a toll on our mental and physical health. It's essential that employers take proactive steps to create a positive work environment that helps employees manage stress. And that's where we, Colleague Box, come into the picture.

Understanding Stress at Work

International Stress Awareness Week is a crucial reminder that we should prioritise mental health in the workplace. Stress can manifest in numerous ways: from burnout to decreased productivity, strained relationships with colleagues, and even physical health issues. It's essential to acknowledge its presence and work collectively to combat it.

Personalised Wellbeing Solutions

At Colleague Box, our primary focus is on delivering happiness. And what better way to celebrate International Stress Awareness Week than by showing your colleagues and employees that you care about their wellbeing? We specialize in bespoke, branded, and personalised gift boxes, perfect for conveying this sentiment. You'll also see some of 'ready made' wellbeing and mindful collection sprinkled throughout this blog which are ready to order online. To create a bespoke gift box simply contact us.

Our gift boxes can be filled with a wide variety of items that promote relaxation, mindfulness, and overall wellbeing. From artisan snacks and confectionary to soothing teas, quality coffee, mindfulness journals, scented candles, stress-relief toys, and even personalized messages – the possibilities are endless.

These carefully curated gift boxes serve as an excellent reminder that we are all in this together.

Nationwide Delivery for a United Front

Colleague Box delivers nationwide in the UK. This means that you can easily distribute these special gift boxes to your team, no matter where they are located. The act of sending a thoughtful gift box shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their happiness and wellbeing. This gesture of care and support can help alleviate stress and promote a sense of unity within the workplace.

Creating a Stress-Free Workplace

A stress-free workplace is the result of collective efforts. While our gift boxes are a meaningful way to show you care, there are other steps you can take to reduce stress at work:

  1. Mental Health Resources: Provide access to mental health resources and encourage employees to use them. This could be in the form of counselling, stress management workshops, or access to mental health apps like Calm.

  2. Flexible Work Arrangements: Consider offering flexible work arrangements that allow employees to better balance their work and personal lives. This can significantly reduce stress levels.

  3. Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance: Encourage employees to take regular breaks and days off to prevent burnout and set boundaries for example, don't expect work messages/calls to be answered after 5.30pm.

  4. Open Communication: Create a culture of open communication where employees feel comfortable discussing their concerns.

In Conclusion

At Colleague Box, our mission is to spread happiness and foster connections. As International Stress Awareness Week approaches, we urge you to take this opportunity to show your colleagues and employees that their wellbeing is a top priority. A well-thought-out gift box filled with items that promote relaxation and mindfulness can go a long way in reducing stress and creating a happier, more harmonious workplace.

Remember, we're all in this together, and together, we can create a more relaxed and stress-free work environment. Whilst International Stress Awareness Week is great as a reminder, let's continue to prioritise mental health and wellbeing in the workplace all year round.

Let's deliver happiness together!

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About Colleague Box

Colleague Box an multi-award winning gift service and is your go-to destination for employee gifting, offering a wide array of corporate gift ideas, including bespoke gift boxes and personalised employee gifts. Our curated gift boxes, filled with wellbeing items and stress-relief products, are perfect for celebrating events such as International Stress Awareness Week and promoting workplace wellbeing. We understand the importance of supporting employee mental health and creating a stress-free workplace, and our gifts reflect that commitment. With nationwide gift delivery, we make it easy to show your appreciation and spread happiness to your team. Explore our collection of corporate wellness gifts and make your workplace a hub of happiness, because, at Colleague Box, we believe in enhancing happiness at work.

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