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Not just for Colleagues

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

How Colleague Box is supporting companywide gifting programmes.

Whilst the name Colleague Box might suggest just for colleagues, it’s not just HR and Reward departments that use our boxes. Colleague Box gifts and services offer all departments an opportunity to create something a little different.

Companywide departments using Colleague Box

HR & Rewards

Our boxes support HR teams with an easy and affordable way to celebrate employees with recognitions and rewards. Our curated boxes are perfect for celebrating all types of employee milestones, with options to suit all gestures of reward. From new starters, birthdays, team targets, to retirement. Read our Top Ten Employee Milestones to Celebrate in 2022.

Our company gift portals are a popular choice and offer an impressive and streamlined way to manage employee gifting. Read how a gift portal could support your recognition efforts in Company Gifting Portals to Support your Employee Rewards Programme.

Sales and Marketing

With inbox competition at an all-time high, it’s getting harder for business to cut through the sales and marketing noise. If you’re responsible for driving your marketing pipeline or sales funnel then you’ll know just how challenging digital space is. Add to that the rising costs of PPC, and your marketing ROI starts to look bleak. Whilst physical events are on the rise it still doesn’t leave many lead generation tactics.

For many of our clients, a return to direct mail has shown positive results from their first campaign. We work with clients to develop effective and affordable campaign boxes, combining branded messages along with unique and interesting gifts, all sourced and shipped direct to recipient. These can even include company own-branded merchandise and depending on your in-house resources we can design and develop printed materials.

Jon Cowley at Wytech commented “the response to the Colleague Boxes has been amazing, and we’ve seen three times as many leads generated as the last six months of PPC. When you compare the ROI of both tactics it’s an amazing result. Direct mail is really inexpensive compared with other lead generation techniques, it’s also much easier to track and provide demonstrable ROI”

Account Management

For many companies’ business is indeed booming and the key here is increasing loyalty, repeat purchase, and positive referrals. Customer success programmes are critical, and many of our clients are building affordable and thoughtful gifting options into their account management and post-purchase processes.

We’re working with companies to develop post-purchase gifting options and seasonal gift rewards. Gifting can be a powerful tool both within the B2B and B2C space, whether that’s a simply thank you following a purchase, or celebrating a client’s awards achievement or company milestone, a thoughtful gift and message goes a long way to creating a memorable interaction.

Companywide gifting options

Gifting doesn’t have to be expensive, what counts is the sentiment in which it was sent. A thoughtful and well-chosen gift, combined with a personal message, speak volumes over a bottle of wine sent with a complement slip.

The need for connection and engagement with others is at all-time high for many people both personally and professionally. Time and money are two of the most valuable resources and direct mail doesn’t require much of either, and the impression it leaves upon recipients is lasting.

About Colleague Box

Designed to deliver happiness Colleague Box offer unique company gifting collections, fully branded with your company logo and personalised message, with boxes despatched directly to home or work.

Organisations can choose from hundreds of pre-designed gift ideas, or curate their own to suit any occasion, from welcoming new starters, awards evenings, company meetings, or a simple thank you!

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