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Case Study: Arden University Partnership

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Streamlining Onboarding and Fostering Colleague Engagement with Colleague Box

Arden University, known for its commitment to providing accessible and flexible education, has taken a unique and innovative approach to enhance their colleague onboarding process and foster engagement among their staff. We are very proud to call them our partners.

By partnering with Colleague Box, they've not only streamlined their onboarding for new starters but also created memorable moments through unique branded merchandise and bespoke events.

This case study explores how Arden University leveraged our services to create a more welcoming and engaging work environment.

Challenge 1: Simplifying Onboarding for New Starters with Branded Merchandise: Arden University recognised the importance of making new colleagues feel welcome and informed right from the start. They aimed to streamline their onboarding process while creating a lasting impression. This led them to partner with Colleague Box to design a unique onboarding experience.

Solution 1: Personalised Onboarding Packages: Colleague Box worked closely with Arden University to develop personalised onboarding packages that included branded merchandise. These packages were designed to save time and reduce the stress associated with the onboarding process whilst still having a great impact on the new colleague.

The packages included:

  • Branded Notebook: A practical and personal tool for new colleagues to jot down notes and ideas.

  • Reusable Coffee Mug: A sustainable option that not only reduces waste but also encourages staff to enjoy a warm beverage during their workday.

  • Tea and Coffee: To make them feel relaxed and at home - who doesnt love a cuppa?

  • Biscuits and Chocolate: Sweet treats to enjoy with their hot drink

  • Values Postcard: Branded postcard with the SPARK values for colleagues to revert back to as the values are always at the forefront of everything that they do

Arden University's commitment to providing accessible and flexible education extended to their onboarding, ensuring that new colleagues felt valued and welcomed with these thoughtful items.

Arden's very own Kevin Cunningham paid The Smile Factory a visit and even helped pack some of the special engagement gift boxes he'd helped to design!

Challenge 2: Creating Memorable Moments through Bespoke Events: Arden University recognised the importance of building a strong and inclusive work culture. They sought a creative way to engage their staff and celebrate significant events like Pride Month.

Solution 2: Tilly The Trailer for Pride Event: Arden University collaborated with Colleague Box to utilise "Tilly The Trailer," our mobile converted horse trailer, for their Pride event. The event aimed to create a welcoming and celebratory atmosphere for their colleagues.

At the event, Colleague Box served bespoke fresh fruit smoothies, allowing Arden University's staff to come together and enjoy a moment of refreshment. This not only commemorated the occasion but also symbolised the university's commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Challenge 3: Gathering Insights and Fostering Colleague Engagement: Arden University aimed to engage its colleagues and gather valuable insights to improve various aspects of the institution. They wanted to ensure that the engagement survey they conducted was not just informative but also a memorable experience for the participants.

Solution 3: Bespoke Colleague Engagement Survey Gift Box: To make the colleague engagement survey a unique and enjoyable experience, Arden University partnered with us here at Colleague Box to design a fully printed gift box and bespoke chocolate bar for the survey participants.

The survey participants were treated to a delicious chocolate bar, customised to carry Arden University's branding. This not only added a delightful touch to the survey but also made participants feel valued and appreciated.

Results: Arden University's partnership with Colleague Box has yielded numerous positive outcomes. The onboarding process for new colleagues has become more efficient, ensuring a warm and informed start. Special events like the Pride celebration have created memorable moments of camaraderie and inclusivity. The colleague engagement survey became an engaging and enjoyable experience, with staff feeling appreciated for their contributions.

Colleague Box has not only streamlined processes but has also been a catalyst for strengthening Arden University's unique work culture. The focus on customisation and personalisation has made a significant impact in enhancing colleague engagement and experiences within the institution.

The engagement continued onto social media! These clippings are all real life posts on LinkedIn.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Arden University and Colleague Box showcases the power of creative and personalised solutions in streamlining onboarding, creating memorable events, and fostering colleague engagement. As Arden University continues to prioritise the well-being and satisfaction of their staff, they have found a valuable partner in Colleague Box, dedicated to delivering happiness and creating lasting impressions.

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Arden University's innovative approach, supported by Colleague Box, serves as an inspiring example for organisations seeking to enhance their colleague experiences, improve engagement, and build a thriving workplace culture.

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