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Personalised Gift Options

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Connect with people with a thoughtful and personalised gift

One of the cornerstones of the Colleague Box brand is to help organisations add a personal touch to their gift boxes.

Sending someone a thoughtful and personalised box is one of the best ways to connect with people wherever they are.

There are many personalised gift options available at Colleague Box including curating your box contents, branded box labels, and custom-designed box inserts.

Our in-house production team can help you to create a bespoke box, select your custom contents, and provide creative resources to design and print custom inserts and box labels.

We’ve worked with organisations to create custom boxes to support many different types of company events including:

1. Company events

2. Awards evenings

3. Marketing campaign launches

4. Launching new sales programmes

5. Announcing commission schemes

Company branding

Whether you’re looking for corporate gift options or employee gifts, we understand the importance of adding your company branding and messaging.

Our in-house design resources can support you to create both custom labels for the top of the box as well as printed inserts.

Custom box labels can include your company logo, we also have various design options for special events and occasions. Our A6 branded inserts are printed double-sided onto card stock, which can include your company logo on one side along with a personalised message on the other. Alternatively, if you have your own designs we include these.

We can also accommodate any special contents including company-branded items.

Build your own box

Building your own Colleague Box gives you the ability to not only choose the size of your box but also the contents. The Winter build your own box collection includes over 35+ premium food and drink options, including both savoury snacks and sweet treats. There are also plenty of drink options with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, along with additional gift items.

Click here for more information on the Build your own Box and start building your custom box today.

Christmas Themed Inserts

All the gift boxes in the Colleague Box Christmas collection can be personalised with an A6 Christmas insert.

There are six designs to choose from, including traditional Christmas designs, winter-themed patterns, and festive holiday prints.

Christmas inserts come with a personalised message printed on the reverse.


How to get in touch:

You can email us at

Or give our friendly team a call on 01332 955745

And if you prefer to come and see us in person, you can book a meeting here at The Smile Factory.

If you’re on socials, feel free to drop us a DM and we’ll get back to you asap. We’re @colleaguebox on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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I absolutely loved this post on personalized gift options! The variety showcased is fantastic, and it instantly reminded me of an image I saw on depositphotos. The thoughtful customization options highlighted here make gift-giving a truly unique experience. It's inspiring to see the creativity and thoughtfulness that can go into selecting a personalized gift. Great ideas for making special moments even more memorable!

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