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Christmas Gifts for Employees

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Best Christmas Gifts For Employees

Once the 1st of November hits, workplaces across the UK will start the build-up to the most festive season of the year - Queue - tinsel, Christmas radio, office bake-offs, and obligatory Christmas jumpers.

Why it's important to gift employees at Christmas

According to a recent Gallup State of the Global Workplace report, 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work.

This suggests that most of the workforce worldwide view their workplace negatively or only doing the bare minimum to meet the ends, with no emotional attachment. Quiet quitting may be a new term, but it's a reality that's been around for some time.

The situation worsens when addressing the fact that 81% of employees would consider leaving their jobs for the right offer.

Unengaged employees can ultimately lead to a lack of productivity, absenteeism, additional recruitment costs, resource shortages, and overworked teams, inevitably costing a business in the long term.

Disengaged workers show 41% more absenteeism.

How you can engage your workforce

One of the key ways to overcome this is to build a culture of belonging, create a personal touch, and recognise your employees' efforts, showing gratitude for their efforts and hard work.

Christmas is one of the most significant events on the calendar. After a year's hard work, a gifting gesture can make your employees feel recognised for their efforts and foster a culture of belongingness and engagement.

This Christmas, Gift them something with a personal touch.

Mundane supermarket chocolates or high street gift vouchers, whilst well-meaning, don't exactly show you've put much thought into the sentiment.

Personalised gifting shows you've put some effort and thought behind it. A curated box of goodies and gifts, company branded with a personalised message, is far more likely to be remembered, taken home to the family and enjoyed, and most likely Instagrammed.

Not only will a personalised employee gift show genuine gratitude, but it also sends a key message to top talent that you're a company that invests in its workforce.

Curate an employee reward with our Christmas gift designer.

Step 1: Choose your gifts

From ready-made boxes, flowers, and build-your-own gift boxes, to freshly baked goods, there's plenty of choice from categories including health and well-being gifts, food and drink, games, activities, and festive novelty items.

Alternatively, you could gift the gift of choice. Our gift portal service provides a company-branded webpage for employees to select from a pre-set list and edit the content, such as drink preferences. It's also a great way to take the hassle of collating dietary requirements and allergens and ensuring you have up-to-date home addresses. Our secure and GDPR-compliant registration address input is a game changer for HR Managers and Team Leaders.

Step 2: Personalise

Here's where you add that extra touch, including company branding and a key company message to show thanks for the year's efforts. Personalise with the recipient name and tailor who it is from to suit different departments or offices. You can add company merchandise, literature, or details of any upcoming celebrations in person or online.

Step 3: Presentation

Half the magic of receiving a gift is the packaging and the excitement of opening and unwrapping your gifts. This is where selecting box colours, tissue paper, and filler—choosing from a selection of pre-designed boxes or designing your own. With options for box sleeves to fully printed packaging, you can create a truly unique company gifting event this Christmas.

Start designing your Christmas employee gifts today

We offer corporate discounts on orders over 50.


About Colleague Box

Designed to deliver happiness, Colleague Box provides gifting solutions, helping organisations connect with employees, customers, or prospective clients. Gifts are fully branded with your company logo and personalised message, with boxes despatched directly to home or work.

Organisations can choose pre-designed gift ideas or curate their own to suit any occasion, from welcoming new starters to awards evenings, direct mail campaigns, or a simple thank you.

Custom gift portals and address upload templates make multiple recipients a seamless process, whether you’re sending 10 or 10,000 boxes.

Get in touch to discuss your gifting requirements or arrange a visit to our showroom for a brew and some tasty samples!

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