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Pancake Day 2023 Fun Activities for Teams

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday is on Tuesday, 21st February 2023. So it's time to get flipping excited!

Here are some of our favourite Pancake Day activities that you and your teams can enjoy whether your team work from home, in the workplace or a mix of both.

Pancake Day isn't just for families; it's for colleagues and employees too and studies show that fun activities in the workplace can boost morale and increase productivity.

So, why not brighten up their February 2023 with some fun pancake-themed activities?

We've put together four fun ways to celebrate Pancake Day at work this year.

1. Send your colleagues some treats

Deliver happiness in the form of free food to give your teams a fab Feb pick me up!

Whether it's a food box filled with tasty treats or a DIY kit to help your teams unleash their creativity, we've got just what you need for a perfect pancake party.

Why not turn your gift into a virtual cook-along for teams, it's a great way to bring both families and colleagues together.

2. Host a pancake-making competition Flippin' heck! We all love a bit of competition, and Pancake Day is no exception.

  • Fluffiest American pancakes award?

  • Best weird and wonderful toppings?

  • Highest flipper?

Hosting a pancake-making competition is a great way to encourage employee engagement, have some fun and give out your own 'pancakey' prizes and awards!

You could always send out the same DIY kit for your teams to see who is the most creative with the same ingredients.

If you can't do this in the workplace, why not do it virtually so your colleagues can get creative in the comfort of their own homes.

3. Pancake Day Quiz Time Looking for a low-budget option that still promotes employee engagement? How about a themed quiz all guessed it.. pancakes!

Your workplace pancake activities don't need to take up a lot of time. Why not find ten fascinating pancake day facts and test your colleagues' knowledge - just don't forget prizes!

For example, Did you know? - The record for the highest pancake toss is 9.47m (31ft 1in) in New York in 2010. Crikey!

For more mind-blowing pancake facts, visit The Guinness World Record website here.

Whatever you decide to do this Pancake Day 2023, we hope you have a cracking time!

4. Put the Pancake Flip to a good cause

Pancake Day in the workplace can represent an excellent opportunity to kick off your annual charity efforts. If you have a chosen charity, why not consider hosting a pancake race?

Participants and spectators can contribute a nominal fee, with the winner getting bragging rights along with a tasty prize.

Ask employees to sign up for race, and agree to bring in their pan. All you need to do is agree on a short route, grab a packet of ready make pancakes, and determine the number of times participants must 'successfully' flip their pancakes.

It's great for team building and boosting morale, it's great for your charity, plus the inevitable pancake flip fails will certainly make Instagram-worthy reels!

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