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Fun At Work Day 28th January 2022

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

We all know January can be a bit…meh!

Combine post-Christmas blues, back to work, cold weather, and the longest wait ever for payday; throw Covid uncertainty into the mix and it’s no surprise that during January many people can feel a little blue.

Getting back into the swing of work after Christmas can often feel like a struggle, and what better way to add a touch of camaraderie with colleagues than adding a few fun activities.

Did you know that January 28th is National Fun at Work Day? (we only just discovered it to be honest!) Whether your team are at work, working from home or hybrid working, why not take advantage of this unofficial holiday and sprinkle a little fun into their workday.

Research shows that having fun at work can boost employee engagement and motivation, which is great news for your business outcomes because we all know a happy team = happy customers!
Having fun at work can also help to improve your company culture which goes hand in hand with improving staff loyalty and increasing staff retention – double whoop!

To help you make the most of National Fun at Work Day we’ve pulled together a few handy ideas to help you make your colleagues smile. Whatever your workplace set-up there’s something to suit every business. Why not try a poll (yes another poll!) and let your colleagues vote on how they’d like celebrate this day.


Escape Room Puzzle

Have fun whilst keeping the brain activated with an Escape Room Puzzle. You decide on the message and your team attempt to crack a series of puzzles to reveal a code which then reveals your message. A great team building exercise but also works great remotely. Snacks and drinks are provided to fuel the super sleuth detectives!

Baking Competition

The Great Office Bake Off - You may have the next Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry in your team, and you didn’t even know it! And even if not, it can be good fun to have a go at baking. You could have a free for all ‘bake what you like’ or you could set a challenge for everyone to make something specific like a pie or cake. Let’s just hope there’s no soggy bottoms.

Team Quiz

Virtual quizzes were so 2020 *eye roll* well it’s 2022 now and it’s time for the zoom quiz to make a comeback bigger than JLS and S Club 7. Ok, maybe not, but as a one off, a virtual team quiz is a great way to have a bit of fun.

Movie Afternoon

Die Hard or Frozen? Hmm that’s a tricky one, we’ll leave the office politics for you to deal with but once you make a decision on your chosen movie, why not crack open the popcorn and snacks to make a really treat out of it. Or even better, give everyone their own personalised ‘Movie Night Sharing Box’.

Dress Up Day

Fancy dress anyone? This one is always good for a giggle. Pretty self-explanatory and easy to do although it may be worth having some spare deely boppers for anyone who claims they don’t have any fancy dress at home! (Yeah nice try John!)

Treat Box

A box of delicious treats, snacks and goodies for every colleague, whether sent to work or home, with their name on the front is guaranteed to put smiles on faces. You can order our bestseller here.

Early Finish

Ok, so not entirely sure if this counts as fun AT work but a nice gesture for your team is to let them finish work early to take advantage of some family/gaming/craft/gym/relax/pet/insert other hobby here/ time of their choice.

Whatever you get up to for Fun At Work Day this year, we hope you have…well.. fun!!

If you do go ahead with any of the Colleague Box suggestions, we’d absolutely LOVE to see your photos on social media. Tag us in using #ColleagueBox

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