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Automate Your Employee Appreciation with Colleague Box: Your Ultimate Workplace Gift Solution

Amid the flurry of the corporate world, fostering a thriving workplace means cherishing and valuing your most valuable asset: your staff. At Colleague Box, a family-run business passionate about 'delivering happiness,' we've curated an unparalleled solution for staff gifting designed to make your lift easier, saving you time, money and stress.

Our commitment to employee gifting, staff hampers, and Christmas colleague gifts is geared to elevate your workplace culture through our groundbreaking Employee Gift Subscription service.

About Colleague Box:

We're not just a subscription service; we're a family-run business dedicated to delivering happiness. Our global reach allows us to bring joy to businesses around the world. As an award-winning company, we've earned the trust of thousands of companies who rely on us to meticulously pick, pack, and post their employee gifts. Read case studies here.

Why Choose Colleague Box: Automated Gifting Made Simple

Gifting just got easier! For the discounted price of just £20 per gift, our subscription service simplifies employee gifting, allowing you to deliver joy to your team effortlessly. The minimum order of 20 gifts offers you the flexibility to show your appreciation on a larger scale, whether it's delivered to the workplace or individual home addresses.

Plans Made for You: Staff Gifts Tailored to Perfection

Choose the plan that fits your needs and budget, ensuring your employees, clients, customers, prospects, or loved ones:

10 Monthly Gifts: £200 per month
20 Monthly Gifts: £400 per month
50 Monthly Gifts: £1000 per month
100 Monthly Gifts: £2000 per month

For orders exceeding 100 gifts per month, reach out to us at for a bespoke quote tailored specifically to your requirements.

How this could look on a monthly basis:

  • December: Festive themed

  • January: Wellbeing / self care and organisation themed

  • February: Love themed

  • March: Easter themed

  • April: Spring time themed

  • May: Mental health awareness themed

The Festive Themed Version of our Monthly Treat Box

What's Inside?

Our best-selling Treat Box, pictured above, will be sent out each month. However, if you have specific themes or occasions in mind, we can tailor the gift boxes to suit your preferences. You even have the option to include your own merchandise.


  • 2 x Treat Bags of Sweets

  • 2 x Treat Bags of Chocolates

  • 2 x Full Size Chocolate Bars

  • 2 x Retro Sweets

  • Popcorn

  • Savoury Snack

  • Self Care / Relaxation item: eg Votive Yankee Candle or Bath Bomb

Excellent value for £20 per person!

Beyond Colleagues: Diversify Your Staff Gifts

Our service isn't confined to just employee appreciation. Use our subscription service to delight clients, customers, or prospects. In fact, it's a perfect tool for marketing or even expressing gratitude to loved ones, you'd find it hard to find someone who wouldn't love to receive a Colleague Box from you.

Why Colleague Box?

  • Time-Saving: Our automated gifting system saves you time, effort, and money.

  • Personalised Touch: Tailor the gifts based on your team's preferences or include your own branding.

  • Quality Assured: Every box is filled with carefully selected, high-quality treats and self-care items.

Join the Colleague Box family and witness the power of gratitude ripple through your team. Subscribe now and let the celebration of your invaluable employees begin with our optimised staff gifts, employee gifting, and Christmas colleague gifts.

Contact Colleague Box: Website | Email | Meeting

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