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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Here's a handy list of frequently asked questions to help you find out a bit more about who we are, what we do and why. We hope it helps but if you have any queries don't hesitate to get in touch!


What is Colleague Box?

We help employees stay connected with their colleagues wherever they are with personalised gift boxes. Our gift boxes are full of exciting treats to put a big smile on the recipients face!


Why would we send a Colleague Box?

We initially set up the company to help employees reach their teams when we were all working from home. The gift boxes can be sent in the post direct to your colleagues door.

We now also have a larger range including our Return To Work Treat Box package which can be sent individually named to your office for those returning to the workplace or sent to homes for those returning to work from furlough.

Here are some other creative ways in which our Colleague Boxes are being used:

  • Virtual Get Togethers / Celebrations

  • Virtual Award Ceremonies

  • Promotions

  • New Starters

  • Retirement Gifts

  • New Home Boxes

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Product Promotion

  • Sent to Prospects

  • For Zoom/Teams Meetings

  • Student Engagement / Learning Box

  • Thank You Gifts

  • Prizes

  • Incentive for webinar sign ups

  • Brand relaunch

  • Welcome / arrival gifts

And many more!


But what is the purpose?

Employee engagement, motivation and reassurance is extremely important particularly during this unusual time we find ourselves in, even as we head out of lockdown, working from home is still very much a reality for a lot of UK employees.

Some are feeling anxious about returning to the workplace.

The gift boxes are a wonderful reassurance from the company to recognise and acknowledge what your employee is going through and your way of expressing your gratitude to them.

Everyone loves receiving a surprise in the post, whether that's an employee, colleague, client, supplier, customer, prospect, friend or family member. Our boxes are ideal for making an impression.


Is there a way to add a message from our company?

Absolutely! We are really proud of our personalisation options. You can add your company message and it will be printed inside each box along with your signature too.

You can either use the same message for each box or write a different message for every recipient for no extra cost.


Do you allow customisation?

Yes definitely, we pride ourselves on our flexibility so we are always happy to discuss any customisation you’d like to make whether that’s putting your logo on the box, changing the contents or any ideas you have to ‘put your own stamp’ on it.


Can we add our own contents to the box?

Yes indeed, our boxes are ready made full of treats but we can add your own contents such as information packs and own branded merchandise. We can even print it out for you if you'd like.


Can I speak to you rather than ordering online?

Of course! We’d love to hear from you! Our phone number is 01332 955745 and we’d also be more than happy to set up a meeting or Zoom or Teams call with you or your team to chat through any queries. Email and we’ll set up the meeting.


How much are they?

The Colleague Box boxes start from £13.99 each which includes VAT, postage and packaging and free personalisation. We can work with your budget if you wanted to spend a little extra or less, that's no problem at all!


Does the low cost mean low quality?

Not at all! We use premium quality and brands for all our boxes and each box is beautifully presented too as we want to give the recipient the experience of opening a present.


Is there a maximum order size?

No. We have a secure mass upload feature which means you can easily mass order which is ideal if you’re buying for your whole company or very large team. Whether you’re buying 10, 100 or 1000+ it’s a quick and simple transaction. We are on hand all the way to ensure you and your order is well looked after.


How do I find out more?

Give us a call on 01332 955745 or email us at

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