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5 Minutes With... our CEO Adam Bamford

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Welcome to our second '5 Minutes With...' this edition is featuring Colleague Box CEO Adam Bamford. So grab yourself a brew (and treat yourself to some biccies too!) and have a read through our Q&A with the gaffer.

Photo by Av It Media

Adam, you helped start Colleague box. Can you tell us about that?

I was working for a technology company in Lincoln when the opportunity to be involved in the concept of Colleague Box presented itself and due to COVID I was in position whereby I could spend some time building ideas, concepts and generally tinkering with the idea whilst continuing with the day to day of my job. It took me less than a day to be convinced that Colleague Box could be a success… long before we sold a box or started promoting the idea. We did an ideas session that night and from how easy we found it to come up with ideas it was easy to see a way forward with the concept.

Did you anticipate the quick growth of Colleague Box?

Yes and no. This part of the journey becomes a bit clouded as it’s easy to say with hindsight that I anticipated it but at the same time I stuck with my day to day role at the technology company until October so whilst I may have anticipated the growth I wasn’t brave enough to take the plunge that it would pay the mortgage until I just couldn’t give enough of myself to both roles that I had to leave the comfort of 6+ years of employment.

'Adam and Natalie Bamford. Getting the keys to their first commercial property 09/20'

What is your favourite part of the job?

Taking a call or email from a returning customer … when someone comes back to buy again it’s such a buzz knowing that you’ve pleased someone so much that they’ve come back. It’s a different kind of buzz to a first time customer.

What’s the best thing about working at Colleague Box?

Getting to work with my mates everyday; Natalie, Alistair, Carly and lots of other help that we have. It’s so cool being genuinely excited to see the people you work with day in day out. I’ve been lucky to have some really enjoyable roles over the past 10 years and it’s continued at Colleague Box.

What is your favourite memory from working at Colleague box?

Completing Project Pumpkin. It was an extremely tough project packing 21,000 boxes that included a real pumpkin … we were working until the very last minute with colleagues, friends and family helping out and to have so many awesome people around me when we finally finished it was such a buzz. Our first big project in the bag.

'Project Pumpkin!'

Tricky one now, but what is your favourite Colleague Box?

Obviously I love all of our gift boxes but I have a soft spot for two which is the Craft Beer Box - I love craft beer and it comes with three snacks so for me it's just the perfect box! So it's that one and the Hop Drop Box for the same reason but with the added bonus of a Mr Shaw clothing voucher who I'm a big fan of. Can I have two favourites?!

'One of Adam's favourite boxes - The Hop Drop Box'

And finally, what are your hopes for Colleague Box’s future?

I truly hope that we can continue to help businesses put smiles on colleagues faces for years to come. I would like to continue the growth we’ve had whilst tightening up the behind the scenes bit like the profit margins etc but I’d love to keep doing what we have over the past year or so.

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Gift boxes mentioned in this blog at the time of publishing may not be available at a later date.

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