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Furlough, Boxes and Mini Gins!

Hi everyone!

If you've made it this far I want to say a massive thank you for supporting Colleague Box. Literally every click on a page, like, share or comment makes a difference to our success or failure as a business.

Who am I? Adam Bamford is name and I'm the Managing Director of this little start-up. If you search me on LinkedIn or other platforms you'll note that I also wear a difference hat as Expedite Services Director for another company in the Selenity group … I tell you this as when COVID hit we furloughed a number of our colleagues due to a 90% downturn in submissions to our outsourced business and Colleague Box was our way of getting our lovely colleagues back to work as soon as possible.

To date we have 3 colleagues working on Colleague Box with a few more waiting in the wings to come back as soon as we have a steady flow of orders coming. So when I say your support makes a difference, it really REALLY does.

We now have a shop full of gifts starting from £12.99 for those little hugs through the letterbox, ranging up to our premium range of those bigger rewards or recognition moments. We are primarily aimed at corporate orders but we welcome any order where someone wishes to send a treat through the post.

Now 2 months in we have already worked on some exciting projects including learning material added to our boxes and customising the contents depending on the business we are working with. We are absolutely flexible in our approach and will work with companies to find a cost effective way of maximising the budget they have or idea they are trying to implement. Zoom, Teams, Skype or just a good old fashioned phone call are a great way for us to find a solution that works.

Looking at our polished and successful product range now it is easy to forget where we were just a few short weeks ago but it hasn’t been plain sailing from the start. We’ve had fun with prototypes, wrong contents, incorrect sizes, failing printers, boxes being too big or too small, 4 different tea brands, 6 different coffee brands and a wild goose chase looking for gin!

The concept stage was very interesting!

· Ordering 500 notebooks that were too big to fit in the boxes we have … I don’t think my team will let me forget that anytime soon

· Driving to 13 different off licences to buy all the stock of miniature gins due to our wholesale delivery not arriving and needing to ship an order

· The size of the box being 0.2cm over the allowance to fit for 50% cheaper postage

· Returning 90 individual items to a large supermarket that weren’t quite right for a special box we were preparing (you didn’t want to be behind me in that queue)

Lovely lovely gin!

With more and more of us returning to the office or place of work we have recently launched a Return to Work Treat Box which is stuffed full or goodies to help colleagues with the first few weeks of returning from furlough or simply going back to office after working from home. The boxes can be sent as a bulk to a company address (individually named) or sent to individual home addresses … simple process to order and a secure order form meaning 1 payment regardless of the number of boxes a business requires. I love sweets and had great fun sampling the merchandise for this box!

The Treat Box in all it's glory!!

That’s it for now … thanks for reading and I’ll be back in a few weeks with an update.

Take care and keep safe.




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