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Case Study: Colleague Box Delivers Festive Magic for DPD's Spectacular Christmas Celebration

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

In the heart of the United Kingdom, Colleague Box, a personalised gift box service, has consistently been in the business of spreading joy through thoughtful and customised gifts.

Our mission is to bring happiness to workplaces, no matter how big or small, by crafting unique, memorable gifts.

We had the privilege of working with DPD, a leading delivery company, to create an unforgettable bespoke holiday experience for their employees, and we are excited to share the magic we conjured for their grand Christmas celebration.

The Challenge: DPD, one of the UK's most prominent delivery companies, approached us with a vision. They wanted to make their annual Christmas celebration special, a way to show appreciation and engage their vast team of employees in a unique and memorable manner. They were in search of a truly bespoke and spectacular gift that could leave a lasting impression, and Colleague Box eagerly embraced the challenge.

The Solution: A Truly Unique Advent Calendar: After in-depth discussions with DPD to understand their vision, we embarked on a creative journey to design a completely bespoke advent calendar. This was no ordinary calendar. It contained not 24, but 12 days of delightful surprises, with each day revealing a personalised, branded gift that perfectly resonated with the spirit of the season and matching quote or joke on the inside of the 'windows'.

The custom-designed advent calendar was nothing short of magical, featuring a selection of 12 branded gifts that reflected DPD's dedication to both their employees and the holiday season. The gifts included:

  1. Van Shaped Marshmallow Box: A sweet treat with a personalized touch that was as delightful as it was memorable.

  2. Branded Touch Screen Gloves: Practical and personalized gloves to keep DPD's employees warm during the chilly holiday season.

  3. Custom Scented Bath Bomb: A luxurious and relaxing bath-time experience that added a touch of indulgence to the calendar.

  4. Traditional Christmas Pudding: A classic holiday favorite that perfectly encapsulated the festive spirit.

  5. Santa Hat: A playful touch to get everyone in the mood for holiday festivities.

  6. Engraved Wooden Tree Decoration: A keepsake that would remind DPD's employees of this special celebration for years to come.

  7. Branded Popcorn: A fun snack that offered a personal twist with DPD branding.

  8. Sweets: An assortment of holiday treats to sweeten the season.

  9. Branded Box of Chocolate Truffles: An exquisite treat to satisfy every sweet tooth.

  10. Joe & Seph's Popcorn: Gourmet popcorn for a taste of luxury in the holiday season.

  11. Yankee Candle Votive Festive Scented Candle: A cozy, scented candle to add an extra touch of warmth and cheer.

  12. Branded Coffee Bag: A delightful coffee bag to kickstart the day with warmth and energy.

The advent calendar was a masterpiece of thoughtful curation, representing the essence of the festive season and DPD's commitment to its employees.

The Execution: Putting the Magic Together: Creating and delivering a customised advent calendar for 23,000 employees was no small feat. Our dedicated team of over 65 members worked tirelessly, often through the night on shifts, to pick, pack, and ship these beautifully crafted advent boxes. We carried out this ambitious project from our expansive 4,500 square foot warehouse in Derbyshire, the very heart of the United Kingdom.

An aerial image of our warehouse mid packing

The Result: A Grand Celebration and Employee Engagement: DPD's festive celebration, powered by our bespoke advent calendar, was nothing short of spectacular. The unique gifts created a buzz of excitement and appreciation throughout the organisation, strengthening employee engagement and fostering a sense of belonging. The boxes even became a TikTok viral sensation with colleagues making daily unboxing videos for their social media following.

A custom made Naked Marshmallows DPD van

The Takeaway: Why Choose Colleague Box for Your Christmas Celebrations: This case study illustrates the magic that Colleague Box can bring to your organisation's holiday celebrations. Our ability to customise and create bespoke gifts that reflect your company's values and the spirit of the season is unmatched. With our expertise, you can engage your employees, show appreciation, and leave a lasting impression.

One of many DPD van coming to collect the gift boxes from our warehouse

Colleague Box is here to bring joy to your workplace, one personalised gift box at a time. Consider the magic we conjured for DPD and imagine the wonders we can create for your organisation's next holiday celebration. Join us in making your team's holiday season merry and bright. Contact Colleague Box today to discuss your festive plans and let us work our magic for you.

Conclusion: In collaboration with DPD, we brought the enchantment of the holiday season to life through a bespoke advent calendar filled with 12 days of personalised, branded gifts. This case study serves as a testament to the impact of our creative gifting solutions. We hope it inspires other large businesses to consider Colleague Box as their partner in creating unforgettable holiday celebrations for their employees. Let us work our magic for you and make your next festive celebration truly special.

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