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Beers & Business Club - A Midnight Itch

Updated: May 6

They say that all good ideas come when you are least expecting it.

Enter Beers & Business Club.

An idea that got me at 10.43pm when I was trying to doze off and hasn't left me since.

The premise ... a beer subscription club with a live Zoom featuring me drinking beers, eating snacks and chatting (hopefully) business with another like minded CEO or business leader.

I've longed to have a podcast but my monotone delivery and flat punctuation probably wouldn't be the best sooooo I created a platform whereby I can have a few beers, relax and just chat about anything we want to!

3 new beers each month delivered to your door, 3 different snacks each month, some exclusive offers and pretty cool merchandise.

We might have 2 subscribers, we might have 100's but it's going to be a laugh regardless.

June subscribers get a code for 50% off ANY item from our shop and you can cancel at any time ... we won't take offence.

I'm excited to reveal that month 1 features Karl Shaw, MD of https://mrshaw75.co.uk ... I know Karl loves his beer and I'm excited to share some insight into his business and ask him some questions.

WANT BEERS? Subscribe via the product page and we'll do the rest -> https://www.colleaguebox.co.uk/product-page/beer-business-club

If you sign up please enjoy.

If you'd like to be a guest, have a beer you'd like to feature or a snack you'd like to expose to the World please let me know; adam.bamford@colleaguebox.co.uk

Everyone else ... thanks for taking the time to read :-)


  • Date and time of the Zoom?

  • We are going for the last Thursday of each month at 8pm (give time for kids to get to bed). The first event is 24th June 2021

  • What is the cut off for subscription?

  • You'll need to be confirmed or cancelled a week prior to the event. So for June you'd need to signed up by 17th June

  • How do I get the offer code?

  • We'll email you your 50% off code when you sign up via the email address you use for the subscription

  • Who is the club open to?

  • Anyone (male & female) over the age of 18 and has an address in the UK

  • Will you do tasting notes?

  • Nope. If you are after an expert view on beer this subscription isn't for you. I can promise an exciting range of beers and snacks, hopefully a few laughs and insight into business but other than opinions I have no beer expertise

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