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15 Initiatives to Support World Mental Health Day in the Workplace

On 10th October 2023

In today's fast-paced and demanding work environments, prioritising mental health has become more critical than ever.

World Mental Health Day, observed annually on October 10th, provides the perfect opportunity to bring mental health awareness to the forefront in your workplace. Here, we'll explore 15 practical ways to celebrate and support mental well-being in your organisation.

1. Raise Awareness: Start by educating your employees about the significance of World Mental Health Day. Share information about mental health, common challenges, and the importance of seeking help when needed. Create informative posters, emails, or intranet articles to spread awareness. You can utilise the information at here.

How about hosting a Tea & Talk event

2. Mental Health Workshops and Seminars: Organise workshops or seminars led by mental health professionals. Topics can range from stress management and mindfulness to resilience-building techniques. These sessions provide employees with valuable tools to cope with workplace stress.

3. Encourage Open Conversations: Create a culture of openness by encouraging employees to discuss mental health. Arrange "Coffee and Conversation," "Tea & Talk" sessions or "Lunch and Learn" events where team members can share their experiences and insights. Normalize talking about mental health.

"You never have to struggle in silence."

4. Implement Flexible Work Arrangements: Consider offering flexible work options, such as remote work or flexible hours. These arrangements can alleviate stress for employees managing personal and professional responsibilities.

5. Promote Physical Well-being: Physical health and mental health are closely linked. Encourage regular physical activity by organizing group walks, yoga classes, or gym memberships. Promote a balanced diet and hydration. Branded water bottles make a great way of encouraging this and makes a thoughtful gift.

6. Provide Mental Health Resources: Ensure employees have easy access to mental health resources. Offer information about counseling services. Share contact details for local mental health organisations. Charity Mind have a great signposting page here.

7. Create a Calming Workspace: Design a workspace that promotes relaxation and focus. Incorporate elements like plants, soothing colours, and comfortable seating areas where possible. Consider setting up a designated quiet room for employees to decompress and get away from their desk during lunch breaks.

8. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): If your organisation offers an EAP, remind employees of its benefits. EAPs usually provide confidential counseling services for employees facing personal or work-related challenges, ensure your colleagues are aware of these benefits that are available to them.

9. Stress-Reduction Challenges: Launch stress-reduction challenges or activities. For instance, you could organise a meditation challenge or a "Gratitude Journal" initiative, where employees share daily moments of gratitude.

10. Recognize Achievements: Acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of employees who contribute to mental health initiatives. Recognise their dedication during team meetings or through awards.

11. Give Colleague Box Gift Boxes: Consider giving your colleagues a bespoke branded Colleague Box gift box as a token of appreciation for their hard work and commitment.. These personalised gift boxes can contain items that promote relaxation, mindfulness, and self-care. The thought and effort put into creating these unique gifts can go a long way in showing your colleagues that you care about their mental health and well-being.

An example of a wellbeing focussed Colleague Box

12. Create Mental Health Toolkits: Develop resource toolkits that employees can access at any time. These toolkits can include tips for managing stress, self-care strategies, and contact information for mental health professionals. Download our Mental Health Check In template for free below.

Mental Health Checklistl
Download PDF • 88KB

13. Community Work

World Mental Health Day is a great occasion to participate in a charitable effort. It's always good to try something new as part of your social wellbeing programs. You can lend a hand with causes that affect the community, and this can inspire others to show appreciation and volunteer their time as well. This kind of activity is always heartwarming, and it makes people feel good to know that they're making a difference.

14. Support Employee Well-being All Year: While World Mental Health Day is a great starting point, remember that mental health support should be a year-round commitment. Continue to prioritize employee well-being through ongoing programs and initiatives.

15. Seek Feedback: Encourage employees to provide feedback on mental health initiatives. Use their insights to refine and improve the support you offer.

World Mental Health Day is a reminder that mental health is a shared responsibility. By actively participating in initiatives that support mental well-being, organisations can create healthier, happier, and more productive workplaces.

Together, let's raise awareness, reduce stigma, and build a workplace that fosters mental health for all.

Remember, every small step you take can make a big difference in the lives of your employees.

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